They say that a person’s smile can light up a room. Every year more and more people take steps toward a straighter smile and one of the best ways to accomplish that is by getting Invisalign. The dentists at Prime Smile Dental have provided countless customers with Invisalign in Massachusetts. We will help you through each step of the way. Here are just a few of the many benefits of choosing Invisalign over braces! 

Basic Overall Aesthetic

When it comes to your beautiful smile the last thing we want to do is cover it up with metal and wires. Unlike braces, Invisalign has a far more natural appearance. The discreteness of Invisalign’s appearance is a plus side for every age group. This appeal often holds additional interest with our middle-aged customers who desire straight teeth but see braces as juvenile. Whichever the case may be, it’s difficult to argue with the facts. And the fact is, Invisalign is far more natural and aesthetically appealing than braces.

Far Less Build Up

From an oral hygiene point of view, Invisalign trumps braces by a landslide. Our dentists choose this tooth straightening option because, unlike braces, it aids in reducing plaque build-up, tissue inflammation, and gingival recession. Invisalign also reduces tooth loss and promotes healthy roots. Overall, your teeth will be left healthier and cleaner, In addition to being straighter with Invisalign. 

Increased Flexibility

There are several reasons why you should consider Invisalign over braces, one of which is the flexibility Invisalign provides. With traditional braces, there are numerous food restrictions that you are unable to eat for months, maybe years. Waiting for those braces to come off can be difficult. However, due to the removable nature of Invisalign, those food restrictions go away. It also cuts down on food getting stuck in your teeth and brackets since you can just take your Invisalign trays out when you want to eat! 

Invisalign in Massachusetts With Prime Smile Dental

Prime Smile Dental’s team of dentist’s expertise and attention to detail will leave you with a beautiful straight smile. If you are considering Invisalign in Massachusetts, call Prime Smile Dental Group today to schedule your consultation (508) 481-8094.


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