As a premier child dentist in Massachusetts, the team at Prime Smile wanted to take a moment to recognize October as Dental Hygiene month.  We believe that teaching your children good daily habits will set them on the path for success later in life. This article will focus on some dental hygiene tips to teach those little ones.


Proper brushing

One of the biggest concerns we see as a child dentist is improper brushing techniques.  For children, it’s all about timing.  Often rushing through the routine, plaque and other substances can be left on the tooth creating cavities and other mouth diseases.  Learning to take your time and brush gently in a circular motion is vital to clean teeth!


It’s not just about the teeth

Often neglected, our tongue and gums are also important! Not only do we need to take the time to brush our teeth properly, but our tongues and gums as well.  With the same brushing technique as your teeth, you can eliminate plaque buildup, mouth odors, and potential gum diseases.


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When the choice is yours, choose fluoride

Although there’s hype about fluoride, there are more benefits than not.  Fluoride is the leading defense when it concerns tooth decay. Not only will it ward off germs, but fluoride will also create a protective barrier to your teeth.



Believe it or not, most people don’t floss unless they’re headed off to visit their dentist.  However, that quick floss before you come in won’t fool us! Flossing at least once a day is imperative to gum health.  Sure, it removes all those little food particles that get stuck throughout the day, but flossing serves a much greater purpose.  Not only does flossing reduce plaque, but it also stimulates the gums to help in the reduction of inflammation. With the variety of flossing methods available at your local store, there are no more excuses!


Limit those sugary foods

Regardless of the cravings and temptations, sugar turns to acid in the mouth.  That acid can erode the enamel of your teeth, making them more susceptible to cavities.  Now don’t get us wrong; we’re not implying that you should never treat yourself, just that you should be mindful.  


Brush after every meal

An excellent habit to establish early is to brush after every meal.  Not only will this remove that sugary cookie or cup of coffee, it will keep germs and inflammation at bay.


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Visit your dentist regularly

At minimum, you should have your child visit their dentist at least once a year.  Preferably twice. Not only will these visits provide thorough cleaning and fluoride treatments, but also for proper growth monitoring.  From molars to wisdom teeth, regular appoinments will ensure that your child’s teeth are growing the way they should.


If you’re searching for the right child dentist, look no further.  The team at Prime Smile is now accepting patients young and old.  Call today for your free consultation 508.356.5446.


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