There are a few reasons why sinus augmentation may be necessary. This month, Prime Smile is discussing the walkthrough of a sinus augmentation to increase the success of a dental implant procedure. When you require a sinus augmentation in MA, you can rely on our professionals at Prime Smile for a successful and safe surgery. 

What is a Sinus Augmentation? 

A sinus augmentation is typically performed when a dental implant is needed, but there’s bone loss due to periodontal disease or injury. A small incision is made near the upper premolar or molar area in order to expose the jawbone. The sinus membrane is then lifted up and away from the sinus floor.

A sinus augmentation is essential since the longevity of an implant comes down to the quantity and quality of the jawbone. This is important since it’s what the dental implant will be connected and attached to. Another reason for sinus augmentation is that the sinuses are too close to the jaw. The bone height of the upper jaw may also be too short.

Before Your Appointment

To prepare for your appointment, it’s important to avoid drinking alcohol or smoking for at least eight hours before surgery. This also goes for eating and drinking if you’re receiving general anesthesia. Other things to remember are brushing your teeth beforehand and bringing someone to accompany you and drive you home. Wearing loose-fitting clothes as well will help give you extra comfort!

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After Your Appointment

The checklist to follow after surgery may be lengthy, but it’s essential to abide by these rules for proper healing. It’s crucial to avoid brushing your teeth for up to 48 hours and avoid smoking for two weeks or more. To clean your mouth, use a saltwater rinse daily. Your doctor may also prescribe an antibiotic rinse to use accordingly. 

If you have swelling, you can use an ice or gel pack for around 10 to 15 minutes on the area. To help ensure you’re keeping swelling at a minimum, avoid strenuous physical activity. It’s also necessary to consume only soft foods and liquids for the time recommended by your doctor. These are not all the precautions you may need to take to ensure proper healing. So we always advise discussing any concerns with our staff at Prime Smile.


Looking for Sinus Augmentation in MA? Choose Prime Smile

At Prime Smile Dental Group, we are focused on giving you the best possible options when it comes to your oral health. If you’re looking or in need of a sinus augmentation in MA, we encourage you to visit us online to schedule a consultation. You can also find our hours online for the best time to get in touch with one of our staff members. Until then, we look forward to seeing you!

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