A visit to your favorite MA dentist, Prime Smile, can provide you with the much needed relief that you’ve been searching for. Example – dental implants. Although they’re not on top of most people’s minds, dental implants provide a world full of benefits, especially to those with missing or broken teeth.

In this article, we’re looking at some of the top benefits provided by your MA dentist and dental implants.


Improve the health of surrounding teeth

Missing teeth can cause chaos to the surrounding, exposed teeth. From shifting to increased exposure, avoiding this type of space is ideal. As you know, shifting teeth can lead to bite issues as well as undesirable appearance. With implants, the current positioning is held, maintaining your straight, even smile!

Furthermore, the newly exposed teeth are also more susceptible to concerns like cavities and plaque.


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Prevents bone loss

Many people don’t realize that when teeth fall out, the bone mass is also affected. Without the tooth, there is no stimulation within the jaw to maintain the mass required for optimal health. However, dental implants not only correct missing teeth, but they also help to replace the missing stimulant. As the only tooth replacement method to do so, the value of implants increases significantly by helping to prevent bone loss.


Increase your confidence

Your teeth are one of the first features to make an impression on people. Having broken or missing teeth can bring self-awareness that quickly lowers your confidence to interact with others. However, with dental implants, you can smile with confidence. Implants are carefully designed and colored to match your existing teeth. Thus, leaving you with a seamless and beautiful, natural looking smile!


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Easy maintenance

Unlike other replacement methods that require special products for optimal cleaning and care, dental implants are much more straightforward. Gone are the days of soaking your teeth in cups, dissolvable tablets, and special flossers. With implants, all you’ll need is your standard, everyday tools – a toothbrush, paste, and floss.

With implants, your daily routine is no different than that of your natural teeth!


If you have a missing or broken tooth, it’s time to call your favorite dentist in MA, Prime Smile! With the latest technologies and resources, our team will help you correct and achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed about! Contact our team today to schedule your free consultation (508) 356-5446.

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