Gum disease is caused by both genetic and environmental factors. However, with preventative measures and a trip to your local gum specialist in Massachusetts, risks can be significantly lowered. In this article, we’re taking a look at four of the most common causes of gum disease.


Diabetes or other Medical Issues

Several medical conditions have proven to accelerate the onset and progression of gum disease. From respiratory disease to arthritis, diabetes to heart disease, the body is hindered on various levels lowing its ability to defend itself. For example, diabetes lowers the body’s ability to utilize insulin. Without this, bacterial infections in the gums become more challenging to control and cure.


Chronic Stress/Unbalanced Dieting

Believe it or not, chronic stress can wreak havoc on your body – including your gums! Often, with stress, our dieting choices become less than ideal. With stress already lowering the immune system response, which helps fight off disease, an unbalanced diet causes even more trauma. Your immune system is your number one defense against bacterial infections. Without proper care, you’re increasing the opportunity for adverse effects on your gum’s health.


Teeth Grinding

Clenching or grinding of the teeth can significantly damage the surrounding supporting tissues. Often unnoticed, grinding is common during sleep. If you’re noticing signs of sensitivity or wear, consult with your dentist who can determine if you’re a grinder! With the help of specialized guards, you can protect the tissues, which help slow the progression of gum disease.


Genetic Predisposition

Regardless of your dental hygiene routine, there is no avoiding genetics. Nearly 30% of gum disease cases are attributed to genetic predisposition. If you happen to fall into this category, you’re six times more likely to develop gum issues than an individual with no predisposition.

If you believe you may be susceptible to genetic predisposition, talk with your dentist about genetic testing to determine your chances. This testing allows for early intervention when necessary to keep your gums as healthy as possible!


Of course, your dental hygiene is one of the most significant barriers between you and gum disease. With routine dental visits, cleanings, and good daily habits, you can help slow or prevent the onset of gum disease. However, if you require a gum specialist in Massachusetts, our team at Prime Smile is here to assist!

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