At Prime Smile Dental Group, we want to ensure you have the best knowledge to care for your teeth and gums. That’s why your favorite dentist in MA wants to be transparent regarding preventative oral care. There are many steps to take to make sure your teeth are at their healthiest; flossing is one of them! 

In this article, we get a little more in-depth on why flossing is an essential step in preventative oral care!


Prevents Gum Disease

If you aren’t brushing or flossing regularly, plaque buildup can occur. This has the potential to lead to infection and inflammation of the gums, known as gum disease. Symptoms include receding, swollen and red gums, and shifting or loose teeth. Other symptoms like bleeding gums after and during brushing and persistent bad breath or taste in the mouth are vital to look for.


Better Than Just Brushing

When you think about brushing, your toothbrush can only reach so far between your teeth, if at all! This is where flossing provides an extra hand than just relying on the bristles of your toothbrush to clean effectively. Flossing helps eliminate the bacteria and food stuck in those difficult-to-reach spaces in your teeth and gums. This will prevent the development of cavities between your teeth too!


Prevents Tartar Build-up

If plaque isn’t removed often or effectively, it typically hardens into tartar and leads to tartar buildup. Plaque is usually hard to see for many. It’s a sticky, colorless film that develops on and between your teeth and gum line. This happens when leftover food particles like starchy and sugary drinks and food mix with the saliva and bacteria in your mouth. 


Prevents Bad Breath

If there’s food stuck between your teeth and along the gums for a prolonged period, it begins to decay. This leads to bad breath, also known as halitosis. Another factor of bad breath is plaque buildup that starts to erode your tooth enamel. Flossing daily can aid in reducing and eliminating any bad breath odors! 


Visit Your Local Dentist in MA For a Dental Cleaning

While flossing is a vital part of preventative oral care, it is possible to overdo it! Be sure to check with your local dentist in MA, like Prime Smile, for professional advice on your oral care. It’s crucial to schedule a dental cleaning every six months for preventative oral care. If you’re due for a cleaning, visit our website to schedule an appointment!


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