Got migraines?

Got migraines? If so, teeth clenching and bruxism might be at least partly to blame. The NTI appliance — a type of mouthguard — might be able to help. The NTI appliance is a tension suppression system, which simply means it prevents the clenching action. No clenching means less wear and tear to your teeth, less jaw pain and even fewer migraines.



Teeth clenching and bruxism (also known as teeth grinding) can do serious damage to your teeth over time. That’s because when you clench your teeth, you apply a huge amount of force to hold your upper and lower teeth together. This pressure is exerted when you grind, slowly wearing down the involved teeth. This can eventually lead to broken teeth, a chipped tooth filling or even tooth loss.

The Daily Grind

If you have frequent migraines, you undoubtedly know it. But you might not realize you have bruxism, since teeth grinding is most commonly something you do while you sleep. Some signs to watch for include:

– Chronic tension-type headaches
– Earaches
– Grinding that’s loud enough to wake your sleeping partner
– Repetitive clenching of the jaw
– A sore, painful jaw or TMJ