Dental Anxiety and Fear

It’s no secret that the thought of dental visits may cause fear and anxiety in a portion of the population. The portrayal of dentists in media has done nothing to help this; it has caused people to create a specific anxiety that keeps people from getting the care that they need.


But, as is often the case in media, the reality is far from what is portrayed. Dentist’s primary care is providing dental care in a comfortable and relaxing environment. They value providing fear-free and anxiety-free appointments.

dental anxiety

However, despite the dentist’s efforts to allay fear, some common fears and anxieties continue to dominate people’s dental experience. These include:


  • Embarrassment about tooth condition
  • Fear of gagging or loss of control
  • Fear of pain and injections, and
  • Fear of the dentist and dental equipment.


You don’t have to let these anxieties and fears overwhelm you. Receiving regular dental check-ups and cleanings is the easiest way to prevent dental problems, that’s why it is incredibly important to develop methods to relieve dental fears. These methods may include:

  • Communicate with your dentist that you have fear or anxiety about dental visits or specific procedures. Dr. Rahimi and her staff are very careful to listen and respond in a caring and compassionate way.
  • Let your dentist know the exact things you are comfortable with, and not comfortable with. If you are open and honest, Dr. Rahimi will be sure to only work with the procedures that you are comfortable with.
  • Bring a portable music or DVD player with you to your appointments to help keep you distracted and/or occupied while you are receiving dental work.

When it comes down to the bottom line, the best way to relieve anxiety about going to the dentist is communication. Approaching your dentist about your fears, and asking questions, is the best way that we can help you and take extra precautions during your visit.


If you have questions or concerns about how we can help you overcome anxiety and fear, please contact our office.


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